Our website address is: http://postwindow.com.

This Refund Policy explains how PostWindow(“Company”, “we”, “Us”, and “Our”) our internal policy on issuing refunds.

  • “PostWindow”, “we”, “us” or “our” are to PostWindow.
  • “Services” are to www.postwindow.com and any current or future associated subdomains, such as ‘app.postwindow’, and any services made available through the use of those web pages.
  • “Personal Information” are to information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. We obtain Personal Information relating to you from various sources described below.

Standard Refund Policy & Terms.

“Date of the transaction,” for the purpose of this Refund Policy, means the date of purchase of any product or service, which includes the date any renewal is processed by Hostinger in accordance with the terms and conditions of the applicable product or service agreement (Terms of Use). You may cancel a product at any time, but a refund will only be issued if cancellation is requested within the refund timeframe specified for the applicable product, if available at all. Note: Some products have different policies or requirements for a refund associated with them, including some products that are not eligible for a refund under any circumstance.

If works begin on a product of service prior to this 30 day period then we will deduct any costs associated with the works carried out thus far from the amount to be refunded. For example; if you pay $100.00 for a product and PostWindow® completed 40% of the work then you will be refunded the remaining 60%.

Please see below for refund terms applicable to such products:

Products refundable within 30 days of the initial transaction.

  • Hosting (all plans, except first payment after Free Trial)
  • Basic SSL Certificates.
  • Daily Backups.
  • Business Email Accounts.
  • Enterprise Email Accounts.
  • Priority Support & Misc. billable Administration time.
  • Windows & Linux VPS’
  • PostWindow® Social Portal Accounts.

Products non-refundable.

  • All other products & services.


If you feel that the outcome of a refund request is unfair or incorrect, you have the right to dispute this with our company. In order to dispute a refund or payment please email legal@postwindow.com and your case will be reviewed by a company director or representative of. This does not guarantee a different result to the original refund issued, it may be seen that more needs to be deducted to compensate PostWidnow® for works carried out.